Highlights from their wedding at the Old Sugar Mill Winery in Clarksburg, CA
August 31st 2014

Positive Coaching Alliance promo edited for MaxPreps.com

Highlights from their wedding in Shingle Springs June 7th 2014

Highlights from their wedding in Northern California August 10th 2013

 Just 15 months after a horrific diving accident leaving him paralyzed from the chest down, Zach Pickett inspires with a quiet and unassuming spirit, a courageous and harrowing story, and a positive and straightforward attitude. This is what happened after MaxPreps broke the story..

This is the first few minutes from Jed and Danielle's wedding video

The closing few minutes from Jed and Danielle's wedding video

Highlights from Andrew and Rebecca's wedding 5/18/2013

A glimpse into why the bloodiest prison 20 years ago is now one of the safest
Music By:
J Brian Hill
Camera - Canon T3i (18-135mm)
Audio - Zoom H2n Recorder

Reaching Alice - Willow Creek Community Church Christmas Film

Production Coordinator

60,000+ Audience

This is a piece I made for Under Armour's Brothers In Arms Classic 
football tournament - the largest most visible high school
football event in the country.

This graphic of the Bridges Media Group logo was designed to be projected on the entrance floor of their 10th anniversary party on a loop

A promotional video for Treeohs. Treeohs is a midwest bags company that specializes in accessories and culture.

The intro to Amanda and Andrew's wedding video in 2008

The finale of Andrew and Amanda's wedding video in 2008
My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday

 Shot in a day in San Francisco, and created for Mukesh & Tanu's wedding reception December 2012. 

A short documentary about a farm market start-up in northern Illinois.

 A kickstarter video we did to help a local home-brew supply
store get funding to become a brewery.
Accomplished through our BlackBirdWhiteRose brand. 

Highlights from their wedding in Truckee, CA June 28th 2014

Highlights from their wedding at the Sugar Bowl Resort in Truckee, CA September 28th 2013

I edited this piece, from existing footage, for a message at Lakeside Church's college group, Engage. The message was title "Why Bother?" and was in response to the growing number of profound tragedies in the world. 

The "My Story" project highlights stories of faith that display how God is at work in all of us. We all have a story. What's your's?

This project was made for an Easter service at Lakeside Church
 in Folsom, CA. I was asked to help light, film, and consult on graphics. 

The blessing from Justin and Courtney Butcher's wedding. Words by Uncle David Spoerl.
Tenth Avenue North
Graphics - After Effects CS5
Audio - Zoom H2n Recorder

Dave's Slow Food, celebrates it's first Open House.
March 31st 2012
Music: Coldplay

A promo I did for MaxPreps / CBS Sports to highlight their annual

holiday basketball tournament in Palm Springs, CA. It features some 

of the best players in the nation when they were in highschool.  

The Human Wrong Campaign was a week long event organized by students from Columbia College Chicago's Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in the Spring of 2011. The goal was to spread awareness of human trafficking and child slavery.

This is a clip from Justin and Courtney Butcher's Wedding video. I used a very minimal editing style, because they were seeking more of a raw linear feel than a highlight video.
Video: Canon T3i
Music: Jon Troast - Your That Way

This was the introduction video I made for Justin & Courtney's Wedding as imagined/requested by the groom. It was projected on a screen for guests, followed by the wedding parties entrance.
"Exactly what I had in mind" -Justin Butcher
Canon 5D / After Effects

A redemption story about a local fighter's run for the Olympics.

password : creative 

A redemption story about a local fighter's run for the Olympics.

I made this for MaxPreps to showcase a new regional focus to their website.
A mini documentary I edited for Old Spice and MaxPreps.com