Once we've settled on your package and requirements, I'll send you a formatted agreement  tailored to your event. But just so you know what to expect, here is a sample of our Standard Package Wedding Video Agreement.


Videograin Media

“Video build to nourish”


Chris Spoerl
Videograin Media
2262 Knollwood Dr #25
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(856) 275-1986

Invoice #      -
Date:     -  


Event date: ______________________________

Client’s full name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone(s): ___________________________________

Event Type: _______________

Event location: _________________________________________________ Time: ____________


Description: Standard Package.

Two professional digital HD video cameras will be used at the event. The following will be recorded: Preparation-Reception (9 hour limit). HD footage will solely be recorded with stereo wireless sound devices for ceremony, speech, and interview audio. The final cut will include titles, music, and effects as are appropriate.  Final product will be 5 authored DVDs & 3 Blu-Rays of the final cut & a 5-10min online highlight video.  Allow up to 5 weeks for post-production and duplication of DVDs.


Filming time estimated: Full Day Coverage

Cost of package: $1800

Non-refundable deposit of 25% received to hold date:  $450

Balance due by filming date: $450

Balance due upon delivery of final video: $900

Total fee: $1800



               X__________________________,________        X__________________________,_________
                  Chris Spoerl  (VGM)                   Date                     Client                                           Date


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This contract is for videotaping by Videograin Media of specified events. Videograin Media and the Client acknowledge and agree that this written contract is the entire agreement between both parties, and that no other promises or agreements exist. The person(s) signing this contract acknowledges that they have authority to do so, and therefore assumes responsibility for the balance due stated herein.  


One half of the balance of the video fee (including deposit) must be received no less than one week prior to the rehearsal. For instance, for a $1000 wedding package, if a $250 deposit has been paid, an additional $250 must be paid at least 7 days prior to the wedding rehearsal or earliest shooting day (if earlier), else the reservation shall be considered cancelled without further notice. The final balance is due upon delivery of the final edited video. Payments may be made through cash, check, money order, or PayPal.


The Client has had opportunity to critically view samples of the Studio’s video work and has retained the Studio as the exclusive official videographer to cover this event. The Client grants Studio full production and editorial control regarding all aspects of this production and post-production.

Client may request one set of changes, upon receiving his approval copy. Such changes must be requested by email or other written form, within 72 hrs. of receipt of the final video.

Studio takes utmost care with respect to the exposure, sound capture, editing, duplication and delivery of the video products and services offered. However, in the event Studio fails to comply with the terms of this contract due to any event or act, the Studio’s liability is limited to the refund of monies paid to Studio.


In the event of a postponement or cancellation of this contract, so long as a minimum of thirty days notice has been given to Studio, the deposits paid may be used for any future event up to one year past the date of this contract, providing Studio has no other obligations for the future date. After that time, all deposits will be forfeited to Studio.

If event is cancelled after Studio arrives at location on the date of the rehearsal or event, the deposit and payment of first half of total fee will be considered “earned”, but the last half of total (if already paid) will be refunded.


Client warrants that he/she has the legal rights to anything the Studio will videotape, including photos, music or other materials supplied by the client for use in this video, and that use will be limited to viewing by friends and family.

Videograin Media reserves the non-exclusive right to use the original video and/or reproductions for display, promotion, publication or any other purposes, and gives same rights to client. If client prefers exclusive rights, client agrees to pay an additional fee of $100 before the wedding date.

Videograin Media reserves the right to remove themselves and all equipment at any time there appears to be a potential danger to themselves or equipment (belligerent or intoxicated people; hazardous fireworks; careless discharge of firearms; etc.).


Please mail a signed copy of this agreement to:

Chris Spoerl
2262 Knollwood Dr #25
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(856) 275-1986

Or, print-scan-email to: